Raccoons inside customer chimney

Have you detected the presence of animals in your chimney in Mobile?

Various animals often seek shelter within chimneys to protect themselves from extreme weather conditions or to raise their offspring.

In Mobile, we employ solely humane removal techniques to ensure the well-being of the animal, while taking necessary steps to deter their return.

Animal Removal

Raccoons, possums, squirrels, bats, birds, and snakes.

Contrary to widespread assumption, animals do not stumble into chimneys by mistake. Frequently, homeowners are oblivious to the fact that their cap might have been dislodged by a storm or corroded due to age. Animals that venture into a chimney typically have a purpose.

The top 4 reasons include:

  1. A female raccoon might utilize a brick chimney as a safe haven to shelter and raise her young. Simultaneously, a male raccoon will invade a chimney solely to eliminate baby raccoons, viewing them as competition. Occasionally, the charred aroma of a chimney might evoke memories of a scorched hollow tree, a feature of their natural habitat. While most animals find it challenging to ascend out of the chimney after entering, a raccoon is one of the few capable of doing so.
  2. A migratory bird from South America, known as the Chimney Swift, exploits chimneys to build their nests. Like raccoons, Chimney Swifts are accustomed to occupying hollow trees. These birds can ascend vertically, making them perfectly adapted to residing inside a chimney. These birds are protected by federal laws and should only be dealt with by individuals familiar with the regulations and specific considerations required.
  3. Snakes infiltrate a chimney with a single objective: to feed. They are apex predators and enter driven by a need to satiate their hunger. Their prey includes bird eggs, hatchlings, and juvenile animals.
  4. Panicked wild animals such as possums, squirrels, and mice will often dash into a chimney when a violent storm is approaching. The problem arises when, once the storm has subsided, the animals find themselves imprisoned within the chimney.

From this predicament, there are only three possible outcomes:

  1. The animal is saved (ideally by a professional).
  2. If the damper is open and the animal manages to navigate its way into the fireplace, and in the absence of glass doors, you now have an uninvited inhabitant in your home, thus the phrase nuisance wild animal.
  3. Alternatively, if left unsaved, the animal will suffer a slow, agonizing death. This should never be an option as it is not just inhumane, but now you have a bigger issue. A deceased animal in your home brings numerous complications, from persistent foul smells to potential health hazards, and generates a more complex and expensive problem to resolve.

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