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Is your Mobile, AL, chimney fitted with a cap?

Investing in a chimney cap for your Mobile residence can be an exceptionally smart decision, as it can ward off water-induced deterioration of your flue system and keep unwelcome guests at bay.

Get in touch with ARC, and we can tailor-make your chimney cap to match any design of your preference, plus, all our caps come with a warranty.

Chimney Caps

The importance of having a chimney cap installed on your chimney in Mobile, AL, cannot be overstated. But why?

The rationale is rather straightforward. Whenever you ignite fires, a portion of the smoke sticks to your flue walls, forming a substance called creosote. While creosote itself is highly combustible in large amounts, it won't harm your chimney by itself. However, when creosote combines with water, it becomes extremely acidic and begins to eat away at the silica within your mortar joints.

The mortar joints are the cement-based product that bind your chimney flue together. Once the silica or the adhesive agent is removed from these joints, the mortar reverts to its original sand-like state. When this occurs, it's only a matter of time before it crumbles and deteriorates.

The absence of mortar between your terracotta flue tiles exposes you to hazardous situations. For instance, burning wood generates carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and several other gases simultaneously. Under normal circumstances, this isn't an issue when your fireplace is working properly. However, without a cap, these gases can leak out of your flue and potentially infiltrate other areas of your Mobile home.

Moreover, your chimney cap acts as a barrier against unwelcome animals, leaves, twigs, and other unwanted debris, ensuring you don't find a squirrel or raccoon in your chimney.

We can supply a chimney cap for any shape or size of chimney in Mobile, AL, and we provide warranties on all chimney caps that we install. We have expertise in detecting damage, particularly if you've recently discovered that your chimney cap has been missing for some time.

ARC Chimney Sweeps of Mobile, AL, can also craft bespoke chimney caps in a range of metals, hues, and patterns.

Let ARC handle your chimney cap needs in Mobile, AL.

Whether you desire a custom-built cap to complement your home's aesthetics or a pre-fabricated model for immediate installation, ARC can accommodate all your chimney cap needs.

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