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Regrettably, chimneys are often made from highly absorbent materials. Think of it as a giant sponge, drawing in water each time it rains. As the years pass, this water seeps into the chimney and can deteriorate your chimney, causing leaks and spawning more significant problems. Seasonal changes amplify this decay, where your chimney retains water, and temperatures plunge, triggering the freeze-thaw cycle. This is the process where water expands as it freezes, producing larger channels for water to penetrate your chimney when it thaws.

Such maintenance wasn't accessible until recently. Today, we can extend the longevity and overall aesthetics of your Mobile chimney by applying a premium waterproofing product that effectively repels water, while still enabling your chimney to ventilate and operate as intended. If your chimney is five years old or older, we recommend waterproofing.

Chimney Relining

As per regulations, almost all chimneys have an internal liner to protect your home from the heat of a fire. The liner shields your chimney from the corrosive impact of fire's byproducts, which would gradually damage the mortar joints. This would reduce the lifespan of the chimney and eventually allow those harmful gases into your home. The liner also aids in keeping heat away from nearby flammable materials in your home.

Possible reasons to reline your Mobile chimney

  • The existing liner might be aged and deteriorating
  • New appliances may require a rescaling of the flu
  • Your historic Mobile residence might have a chimney that was constructed without a liner altogether

Relining materials and options

Chimney liners are predominantly crafted from clay tile, metal, or cast-in-place masonry. Each method has its merits.

  • Clay Tiles: Clay is the most common and least expensive material used. They have shown effectiveness when adequately maintained. However, relining a chimney with clay tiles is nearly unfeasible, as it would usually need to be completely demolished and reconstructed.
  • Metal: When it comes to pre-manufactured liners, we are convinced that stainless steel is the best choice. We install stainless steel liners in Mobile with lifetime guarantees if inspected and swept annually by a certified sweep.
  • Cast Masonry: For a cast masonry liner, the old liner is usually removed. A new one is cast, bonding to the interior of your chimney, sealing cracks, gaps, and other deteriorated areas, forming a seamless liner. This is another superior option that can fortify the chimney in a historic Mobile home and provide a durable solution irrespective of the fuel you're using.

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